Why digital agencies will 
hate us… and we love it

Because we make the old ways look obsolete.

Because we own the technology we use.

Because we deliver results others can only dream of.

Because we are the evolution of marketing in action.

We are what marketing agencies should be

We’ve worked with


How much do you charge?

We offer different plans at €1,499, €3,499, or €4,999 per month, depending on the plan you choose.

Unlimited. Our fee is not based on your marketing investment, instead it’s a flat fee.

By being efficient with our work. If you’re happy, you renew each month.

If you charge the same amount every month, is there motivation to manage my campaigns?

Absolutely, our profit lies in the LTV (Lifetime Value). The longer you stay with us, the better it is for our business. How do we achieve this? By doing great work and meeting your goals.

Apart from our pricing system, we are a technology company, not a typical agency. We have a strong technological component that allows us to manage accounts and take them to the next level without needing to invest large amounts of hours.

Currently, we are two founders, one data scientist, two developers, two growth engineers, and we have four proprietary tools.

We have tools for data-driven attribution modelling, predictive marketing, cookieless measurement, and click fraud detection.

Every quarter, we will set goals, accompanied by tasks (OKR – Objectives and Key Results). Each task will be assigned to a responsible person and will be worked on throughout the quarter to achieve the goals.

Every day, you’ll receive an automated email updating you on the monthly progress of sales, new vs. recurring billing, and other key KPIs essential for growth.

Except in the Junior package, we do not have fixed weekly or monthly meetings. Communication is fluid, through chat, email, Zoom, etc.

Yes, we have offices in both Europe and the United States.